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Are you already a fandom veteran? Is your livejournal friendslist paying you out for your new love of band boys? Got nowhere to rave about how adorable they all are?

We're like a halfway house. A train stop on the way to fully-fledged bandom. A safe place to explore the possibilities, if you will.

You don't have to be brand new to bandom to join. In short? This is a place for the more-experienced fans to flail about the things posted in patd or falloutboylove or chemicalromance, only with less bad spelling and more proper discussion. Or something.

The reason we started this community was to give a group of old previous-fandom friends a place to post fic and talk about various bandom-related happenings. We found having to rely on multiple communities for our fic etc increasindly tedious and time-consuming, so we wanted a place for the posting of quality fic and discussion to exist. This is our attempt.


1. In order to join, you must have previous fandom experience. We don’t care what fandom. Just so long as you’re aware of the general etiquette.

2. Participation is key. That means posting or commenting. Or posting and commenting. Lurking is not cool. Your journal must also be active - you must have friends and you must update your journal relatively regularly.

That said, we do desire to keep this community reasonably small and in order to maintain a certain quality of content, we will not be automatically approving all membership requests.

To remember:

# Please post all downloadable media as friendslocked.

# Respect netiquette! Be nice and respect each other and especially all band members, girlfriends and associated people. What you say to your friends in chat does not necessarily have to repeated in an unlocked community post.

# Please only post completed fic. This means no WIPs, yes! Make sure all your fic is beta'd and spell-checked, and that your header contains all the necessary information (pairing, rating, any warnings).

# Save a friendslist, use a cut! Especially for large photos and picspams.

# Do not refer bandmembers, girlfriends and associated people to posts in the community. Ever.

Questions? Email miznarrator or flimsy.

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