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04 August 2011 @ 05:49 pm
Fic: A Troubling Of Hummingbirds | Brendon/Spencer | NC-17  
A Troubling Of Hummingbirds
Brendon/Spencer | NC-17 | ~11,500
Surf trip!

"Man," says Spencer, articulately, but Brendon gets it, he does.

Here they are, here for a few days with two rented surfboards held together by layer after layer of duct tape and surfwax, the sweet smell of pungently rotting kelp, even sweeter surf, fresh fish and smokin' BBQ and gentle dusk every night and it's so utterly indulgent.

Brendon feels fucking, like, nourished, feels like his insides have been scrubbed clean and copper-bright with wire wool, like all the dust and detritus and loose, lost feelings have been swept neatly into the corner, pruned and weeded and spring-cleaned.

He takes a huge breath in. "Fuck yeah," he says.

Drenched in newly blue skies and bottle-green water...