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18 September 2011 @ 02:54 pm
Brendon/Ryan fic: We Are All Going Forward (None of Us Are Going Back)  
*waves* It's been a long time, but hi! Here, have a new fic!

Title:We Are All Going Forward (None of Us Are Going Back)
Author: saramir & @AO3
Fandom/Pairing: Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Ryan
Word Count: 7600
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 (explicit sex)
Disclaimer: False. Black bear.
Summary: "It's like we found each other when we were too young, Ryan thinks. They've made sense together in other ways, but they had to grow toward each other to finally get to this point." Sequel to Let the Future Come into Each Moment, which was my Jon/Spencer futurefic set in 2017.
Author's Notes: So, due to a number of reasons, I haven't kept up with post-divorce!Panic, but I do miss pre-divorce!Panic a lot, so writing this fic was comforting in a way. I started writing this while I was still working on my Jon/Spencer fic/love-letter-to-Panic back in pre-divorce 2009, and I meant to finish this that same spring, but life happens, other fandoms happen, and I never quite got around to reconnecting well enough with this 'verse to finish it until now. So, here: a fic born out of daydreaming about Brendon and Ryan on trains and playing The National's "Slow Show" on repeat because there's something about that song that’s always helped me to write these two more clearly.

I couldn't possibly have finished this fic without witheveryspark -- not only did she beta this, but I wrote Let the Future Come into Each Moment for her, and then this past week she wrote the best possible Jon/Spencer coda to it, No Other Place to Be, which was the final kick of motivation I needed to finally finish my own Brendon/Ryan sequel. xo

Title snagged from Richard Siken's "Snow and Dirty Rain."

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